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Facebook allows you to get your business in front of customers as they relax and scroll through social media. You can choose your budget and use highly targeting advertising to get in front of the right people, with highly measurable results.


Google allows you to get in front of people as they search through the internet. Not just showing up on Google pages, but any website that allows Google advertising, meaning you can follow your potential customers around the internet. Google gives you highly targeted audiences and measurable results.

Advertising Investment

As each business requirements are different, a quote will be given upon a free consultation. Determining factors are things like, which channels you wish to advertise on, Facebook, Google or both. How much ad-spend you wish to invest monthly. How many ads you wish to run etc. 

The easiest thing to do, is fill out the contact form below, so I can jump on a quick free call with you, and I'll prepare a detailed quote for your needs.The below price structure is what I base all advertisement plans off so you can have  clear idea about what tier you might fall under. 

Monthly Advertising Budget:

  • $300 - $10,000
  • $10,001 - $25,000
  • $25,001 - $50,000
  • $50,000+

Pricing Structure:

  • From $297 per month
  • From $997 per month 
  • From $1497 per month
  • From $1997 per month or 10% of ad spend

Why Choose Hands Free Marketing?

I set up, manage, and grow your digital advertising through Facebook and/or Google. 

Using your goals and budget, I set up your assets, help find your target audience, get ads running, and manage them as they grow, getting you better, more profitable results over time. 

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